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Bring It Home Merch


This is a movement.

There is a growing movement gaining in strength and momentum across our country and it’s because of YOU.

You are the ones who get up every day, you work hard, and you boldly stand up for what you believe in.

Let’s show the rest of the country just how powerful this movement is. Whether it’s a Common Sense shirt on your back, a Bring it Home hat, or a sleek tumbler sitting on your desk, represent and make your mark. Be seen. Be heard.

Together, we will restore the promise of a Canada where hard work pays off and where politicians are servants and not masters. Let’s make Pierre Poilievre our next Prime Minister, put people back in control of their own lives and Bring Home freedom!

Supporting Canadian businesses

When you purchase an item from the Bring it Home Merch store, you’re not only showing your support for a growing movement, but you’re also supporting a Canadian business. Our apparel is designed and decorated in Ottawa, Ontario by a small family-owned business. Your purchase not only represents your values but also helps create jobs and strengthen our local economy.

Designed by Anaida Poilievre

From its very inception through to its final realization, Anaida Poilievre spearheaded every facet of the Bring it Home Merchandise. She is the creative mind behind the vision and is the lead of its operational and branding aspects. She created the designs of the Special Edition logos with the help of a talented graphic designer, Greg. Anaida is responsible for supplier and merchandise selection, fulfilment logistics, marketing, branding and more. Bring it Home Merch is inspired by Canadian patriotism and the need for change. This merch is dedicated to the common sense of the common people united for our common home. Let’s Bring it Home.